Digitize your


From machine acceptance to installation to necessary maintenance. Benefit from a software platform that is explicitly designed to support your service processes.


4Service is a cloud-based software solution with the purpose of digitizing essential service processes, in order to improve communication between service departments and production managers. Through this effective information exchange, greater customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased profits can be achieved.




Remote maintenance tools such as camera operation, annotations and more.


Automatic workflow creator for augmented reality instructions.


Storage space with flexible layers for easy & safe file sharing.


Manage machine approvals, service cases & more.




A HD video quality, together with remote control functions, as well as the possibility of integrating up to 50 participants, saves you time and money, when demonstrating new equipment or process features.


Most of the time, the demonstrator on the machine manufacturer's side wears smart glasses or another video-enabled device.


With a digital machine acceptance approach supported by 4Service, you not only save time and money. You also achieve complete transparency, which means that misunderstandings in your project don't stand a chance.


Flexible group hierarchies, with a clearly documented history, enable the respective departments to work together efficiently.



Repair and maintenance tasks are supported by 4Service as a whole.

From creating the service case to managing all correspondence, solving the problem and documenting the solution steps.



The production manager on site has identified a technical problem and is registering a new service case (ticket) using a mobile device.

Files that help identify the problem (such as video or image recordings) can be attached directly to the ticket. Responsibility and machine assignment have already been automatically clarified.

Step 2

The ticket includes a description of the problem and, optionally, pictures, videos or other documents that help the service department diagnose the problem.

All tickets are clearly displayed in a service dashboard.

Step 1


Step 3

Step 4

If a comparable problem occurs again, the person responsible for production is advised of this before creating a new ticket and, if necessary, receives a compiled instruction of solution steps from the previous case.

The service department can answer the ticket with a text message, an invitation to a live chat or a live video call. In the latter, numerous remote maintenance tools are available for direct support.

We are looking forward to your contact. We will respond within 24 hours.



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